Fat Animals: The Animated Movie


This is a great little video for the kids to see.  What if all animals were fat?  Animal life would be complete different, but pretty funny.

And to even get a little educationy on you-- this video could be used IS GREAT to help kids with inferring and making predictions.

  1. Just show them the beginning clip from each vignette (literally just the first snapshot, so they see the set-up).
  2. Have them write down what they see and what they think will happen based on the image and what they know (most animals are round, balls are round, what could those have in common, ect).
  3. Share with partner and/or class.
  4. Then watch the rest of the video and see what predictions were correct.  What clues or keys did they use to make predictions.
  5. Hopefully by the time they come to the end they will begin to analyze and understand patterns.
  6. PLUS this is ENGAGING.
  7. You could even start this by asking them "what if all animals were round, fat, or only ate fast food?"
Enjoy, Discuss, and Watch Again.

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