Mentor Text: Cross-Sections of Star Wars

This is my first link up with Collaboration Cuties: Must Read Mentor Texts and in honor of yesterday being Star Wars Day I'm going with something a little out of the ordinary.  Here is the book... link
Most of us have seen these or seen our kids always fighting to check them out, but these Cross Section books are a wealth of knowledge for the kids and filled with resources that we might sometimes overlook because it has so many pictures.  But if you're familiar with me you understand how important visuals are to reading, writing, and understanding (just about everything...yet it is still a skill that can be overlooked.  So let me tell you how I use them...

I teach in small groups and I teach a lot of boys that aren't always interested in reading so I've turned the lessons to their likes...
  • These are great for simple fluency checks and decoding.  Lots of small paragraphs, plus kids can use their prior knowledge of the movies to help with the words.
  • Vocabulary:  Oh my goodness...there is so much to b done with this.  I have kid find words, then write their own definitions, then we'll look online for the actual many.
  • Inferences:  Students read and look for clues about the machines/building then we do a lot of discussions.
  • Compare/Contrast:  This is one of our favorites because we read about the vehicles then write/diagram about which is better, so-on and so-forth.

I'm not always conventional with my teaching because of some of the students who work with me, so an opportunity to use these books that are such HIGH interest is great.  I mean, look at at the vocabulary, the illustrations are so detailed.  These are just great.

Also, I picked this for Language Arts because of the Sci-Fi element, but many of these Cross Section books can fit within science and social studies and add so much to the lessons.

I'm curious who else uses books like these and which ones...

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