iMovie Trailers: Made Monday But Tried Tuesday--Double Link Up

I'm doing a double link up with the Fourth Grade Flipper and 4th Grade Frolics.
Let's do this...

On Friday we took our girls and nephew to see Monsters University (go see it, fyi).  On the way back my oldest said "lets make a movie when we get home". is a master filmmaker so we made SUPER KID COUSINS
by trying iMovie Trailers on the iPad.

(ignore my writing error and just look at the camera work..wink-wink)

iMovie has a built in feature to create minute long trailers 
and you can almost customize it exactly how you would like.  

It also has a story board feature that tells what shots you should be using and more.
You can also make custom edits, change timing, add in your own text

This is the storyboard feature.  
Just click on scenes and then hit record.  
It is that simple...I swear.

The program is really simple and easy to use.  
This video took about 45 minutes to make including the filming and editing... 
AND workin' with child actors all under 7.

This past year a fourth grade teacher and I worked together on having students take their fantasy stories and create a trailer for them.  How cool is that?!  The kid's videos turned out great and CREATED ENTIRELY by students .  Students then presented them at the end of the year to their parents.

The other great thing is that iMovie can be uploaded directly to YouTube or Vimeo (my choice).  Plus you can put restrictions on who can/can't see the movie.  Lock it Down!


Also, If you're still in the mood for superhero-type things I just MADE a FREEBIE for understanding/identifying Fact or Opinion.

There are 20 task cards in all (and free).

I used parts from all six movies.  
A lot of the questions are funny and filled with THE FORCE.
I love them.  I showed a friend of mine who teaches 5th grade---he wants a copy.

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