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I found this link up last week, but didn't get a chance to add to I can.


One of my favorite websites to use with students is the math site  
It is quick and easy to use and normally only takes about 
30 seconds to get the kids going on one of the games.

I was introduced to Sumdog about two years ago and since then I've been hooked.

The simplest way to explain SumDog is that is has math games that each only take between 1-4 minutes to complete.  Quick and Easy (for kids and adults).

How does it work....Go to and click play.

Then when the next window pops up choose to play as a guest.

                                                        ^^^^  Play as Guest 

Then the kids can pick from a variety of games.  My favorite is Junk Pile!

All games are a mix of fact fluency, number ID, fractions, and more.  For most games have kids choose the best of four answers when playing the math games.

From what I've been able to tell the faster and quicker your respond increases the difficulty level.

The games are pretty cool and they vary from racing, climbing the side of a house, saving endangered animals, to piling junk as high as possible.

I've never even gone the route of signing up myself or students (even though it appears to be free) because playing As A Guest works out very well and easily.

What I really like about this website:
1.  Quick and easy to use.
2. Good for grades 1-5.
3.  Kids love it.
4.  Kids battle teachers to get top scores.
5.  Great selection of games.
6. Student engagement! (most important).

I'd strongly recommend this site for anyone.  I've started my 6 year old daughter on it this summer and she doesn't even think of it as math work (or learning...sssshhhhh).

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