Tune Into Tech: Classroom Websites

Tune Into Technology:  Classroom Website
This wonderful link-up is from Learning to the Core and iTeach 1:1
This week the idea is Classroom Websites and while some might share organizational ones, I really do that based on my classroom set-up.  Instead, I'm just going to share a bunch of different ones that I use, and maybe even some you haven't seen.

Ninja Words:  A simple and quick dictionary for kids (and us, I'll be honest.  Just a great site, plus it includes the term ninjas.
 Fakebook:  Create fake-looking Facebook accounts.  This is great for using with characters in books/novels/historical or whatever else you can think of.  For U.S History imagine if each state had their own Facebook account.  Michigan and Ohio would never be friends, Texas would only have pictures of their flag (everywhere), and Illinois' would probably get shut down for taking improper bribes with politicians then posting about it.

How Stuff Works:  Great site with tons of videos, photos, and everything else.  Kids love it.  Great for science, socials students, current events.  Oh, and you should probably be listening to the podcast too.

Symbaloo:  Visual bookmark of websites.  So great for kids because it cuts down on typing in URL addresses.  We set up our home pages so that kids could use this in the computer lab.  Plus you can take other boards that have been created and use them yourself.
This is part of the boards my kids use at home to find their sites.

Draw A Stickman:  Just a fun little website that has a couple of stories using figures and shapes that kids draw.  I love doing this with the kids and they get quite the kick out of it.

Floor Planner:  This is unique because you can build homes, offices, etc.  It's like Sim City but the idea of using it with area and perimeter is very cool.  Students can design just about anything.  You do have to log in, but you can use your Google account.  It is free.

TodaysMeet:  Set up back door channeling with teachers during meetings so they can collaborate on topics, ask questions, and learn more.  This is a pretty cool little tool, but it takes some practice.

ThatQuiz.org:  This is one of my favorite sites.  It is a lot of quizzes that can be changed in complexity and amount.  I like to sit with students while they do this then we can work through questions.  It has math, vocab, spelling, and so much more.  And free, plus you can set up your own quizzes for students to take and it keeps track of it all.

Vimeo:  There are some amazin' videos on Vimeo.  Just incredibly well made HD film on there.  Great video that should be shared with the class just to spark discussion or ideas.
Check out this one below.  Just some guys that went around the world showcasing food.  It is beautiful.
AND now I'm hungry.

Universal Scale:  Cool little site from Nikon that shows how large (or small everything is.  There is a moving linear timeline that can be zoomed in and out.  Very interesting and great to use with science

Bill Nye:  I mean, do I have to say anything else?  This is a direct link to his website. Just filled with science goodness.  His shows were/are great...here's a reminder.

Okay, eleven sites should be good enough for now.  This is so fun.

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