Tried it Tuesday: Cat Paint & Hey Hey Pix! iOS App

For Tried It Tuesday (and don't ever use the acronym) I'm going to share an old and new app to edit pictures with an iPhone or iPad. They're called Cat Paint and Hey Hey Pix and both are apps where you can add illustrations, special effects, and cartoon images.  Both apps are fun and easy for kids to use too, *plus* they could be used in the classroom for many different activities.  
And yes---these are completely educational....maybe.

Hey Hey Pix is the one that I just found the other day.  It is only .99 cents, but it was free for Back to School Time (which has just ended).  This app allows you to decorate images with lots of little illustrations that are goofy and silly.  The amount of decorations is pretty impressive and you can scroll through faces, shapes, eyes, noses, hats, and just about any other thing imaginable.  
Naturally, I used my kids as guinea pigs for my first photo.
I'd say it was pretty successful and now they've been using it nonstop on 
our cats and dogs. The one below was made by my four year-old.
The only downside with this app occurs if you try and make the shapes too small.  If you've got longer fingernails it won't always move to the size you may want.  Granted, this is a small complaint--but be warned--you could get frustrated.  On the flip side it is perfect for the iPad and the larger screen for kids.  The interfaces works quiet well and there have been no complaints.

Cat Paint might be the most well thought out app to ever grace the iTunes Store.  

The premise is simple:  Put cats in your photo.
Step two:  Add lasers coming out of there eyes.
Then everytime you insert a cat it "meows".
I've had this app for about two years now and I had gone away from it for a while because of the typical cycles of app usage.  Well, it's back and they've updated it too.  More cats have been added, including heads-only and even some random cat sitting in boxes.  Luckily it kept out the typical jerk cat things, like tipping over glasses of water in the middle of the night.
So silly that it is awesome!
My girls were using this the other day and I thought they were making noise in the back of the minivan (yes, I said minivan).  Nope, they were just inserting cats into pictures and making them speak.

Grumpy Cat has never smiled so much.

Now a lot of people would kind of look at these apps and see 'em as nothing more than throwaways without much educational  value whatsoever.  I would respectfully disagree with this assessment.  I think they could be used as the following:
  1. Story starters:  Take a photo of you own class, doctor it up, and have the kids write about it.
  2. Have students create their own pictures and decorations.  Then they can write up their own stories too.
  3. Simple photo editing then have them import into iMovie or another app for video editing.
  4. Brain Breaks:  Create specific tasks within these apps.
  5. Student App Review Rubric:  Have them use this FREEBIE and decide when these apps are worth their time.
  6. Character Creations:  Use the decorations to describe traits and looks from books, novels, or their own stories.
  7. Have them doctor up historical photos.

This is a silly post.  I know.
Now it is time for some LASER CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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