5 for Fri: Go Bananas for NYC, Art, Marathons, and Link-Ups!

11 October 2013
Five for Friday time!  It has been a couple of weeks, but there has been some pretty cool things happening to me and around school.  Let's get right too it!

1.  On Wednesday morning I had the opportunity to meet with the Gates Foundation and discuss how teachers use/implement social media for themselves and interact with other teachers.  I was flown to New York City (first time there), had my meeting, then toured lower Manhattan.  I saw the World Trade site and more.  My goodness--what a whirlwind of 24 hours.  I'll write more on this later but here are two of my favorite shots I took of the city.

2.  On Sunday morning I'll be running in my fourth Chicago Marathon.  Was I supposed to train for this?  A second grade class made me posters.  It was too cool and they had ton of silly questions.  Here is one that looks pretty much like me right now!

3.  Using Banagrams with struggling readers is just plain fun and great for them.  I've used this game for a while, but seeing the light bulbs turn on when a kid is creating words is so refreshing.  I don't think I've ever actually played this game the correct way because I always change rules and games depending on student's learning level.  It is just a great tool.

2.  Our new art teacher has made an immediate impact in/on our school.  She had already painted some wonderful murals, but we came in on Thursday and she had strung this up in front of our teacher's lounge.  This is work completed by second graders to look like blown glass, but then she turned it into a flowing vine.  I love this.

1.  In a couple of Thursdays (10/24) I'm going to start a three part Linky (or Link-Up).  Save the Date!  The idea is Hidden Gems in the Classroom and focuses on three areas:
  • Power Aide:  The unsung heroes and their impact on class. 10/24
  • Outside the Box:  Innovative teaching ideas and lessons no one saw coming.  11/7
  • Greatest $%*!! Mistake:  Mistakes can become the greatest lessons ever.  11/21

These are three areas that I feel have hugely positive impacts in the classroom and I think we've got tons of stories and ideas that should be shared.  So come on over and link-up.  You'll be glad you did.

That's it!  What a week!  Now I've got a race to run.

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Have a great one!

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