Tried It Tuesday: Lexia Reading Core 5

I'm always curious to know what other districts are using for particular reading/math/writing programs to assist kids.  Honestly, it's even a bit more individualized with each school having their own sets of materials based on grants, type of enrollment, and classification for school types.  

For as long as I can remember the one stand-alone computer reading program that we've been using has been Lexia Reading.  Anyone else use this? (BUELLER, BUELLER) I can't tell you how old it is, but I'm guessing well over 10 years old--which for an online reading program is pretty impressive. Personally, I've been a big fan of Lexia because of how it leveled students, gave instant feedback, and also showed what they were succeeding at (or having the most difficulty with).  BUT NOW--it has been updated and is called CORE 5.  If I had to name it myself though, I would have gone with Xtreme CORE 5 just to excite the students.

I've been spending the last few weeks getting my students logged in, logging them on, and showing them the hot new program they get to destroy with the ever-increasing reading skills (and I mean that in a very positive way).  So far most have enjoyed it. This afternoon one of my students was banging out syllables on the table when he would hear the word--it was pretty cool.

Probably the biggest improvements with CORE 5 are that the new programs include so many more options and areas for students to practice.  

  • Comprehension:  Now students gets to read long passages and answer questions about the material like main idea, supporting details, etc.  This is huge.
  • Vocabulary:  I just had a student on level 16 and some of the words he was attacking were pretty impressive.  So impressive I'm not even going to list them because I don't know their meaning.
  • Immediate Response to Incorrect Answers:  If a student answers too many incorrect within a certain amount they are immediately moved to a differentiated level to practice the skill.  This is big, because in the older version they might redo the same level over and over.
  • iPad App:  THIS!!!  So easy to use and kids think they're using the iPad.  Sometimes it is all about the presentation.
  • Placement Test:  This is longer than most and the kids are tired by the end of it--and I like that.  It is very comprehensive.
There is a lot more I could talk about with the program, but I want to give it some more time.  So far the immediate impressions have been great and this program continues to  work well for the students.

One tip that I like to use with Lexia CORE 5 is this:  Make the students use the program without headphones and you sitting next to them.  Now I realize that this can't be done in a lot of classrooms because of the noise, but I can do it.

This technique allows me to be informed on how the program works, but also understand what and how my students are working/learning/processing information. I find this to be highly effective.

Just curious, but what kind of intervention programs do you or your school's use?
Do any of you have math programs on the computer (not counting fact fluency)?

So this is my Tried It Tuesday.  Thanks goes out to Holly for this wonderful link-up.

This just makes me laugh out loud.

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