A Guide to Reader's Workshop (Video)

Recently a friend/colleague created a Reader's Workshop video (with a HUGE amount of assistance/video editing/producing from his student teacher) from inside his classroom.  I HIGHLY recommend this.  This is an excellent, no-nonsense, straight forward look at how the workshop runs in his classroom.

The video capitalizes on a couple of great areas:
  1. Whole class teaching
  2. Individualized Workshop
  3. Classroom Library
  4. Assessments
  5. A new Mindset.

I've known Dan (the teacher) since I first began teaching and I've always loved seeing him work at his craft.  He was the first teacher I saw that would sit and talk with students about their reading before it became the norm.  I'm even able to get past his love for the Green Bay Packers.

Seeing the differences in reading workshops between teachers is pretty interesting because everyone does it a little bit differently.  I know that my workshop time tends to be completely different than a classroom teacher's because of class size, time, and level of reading.

But seriously, check out this video and see what it could do for you.
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