Symbaloo Board: Integrating Reading & Technology

So, in my last post I spoke about some of my favorites and best posts/link-up (just scroll down to my previous post).  I wrote about how Tune Into Tech by  Learning To The Core & iTeach 1:1 was just an excellent link-up for teachers to share exactly how they integrate technology in the classroom (friendly tip:  you should go back and check out some of the posts because they're all so great).

When I went back to look at those posts I realized that I wanted a good way to share all of them with teachers I work with every day.  I also needed a way that was simple, easy, and visually appealing, so I've loaded all of the posts onto a Symbaloo board titled Tune Into Tech: Reading.

So enjoy this board and I implore you to take the time and check out the original link-up from Kristin, Amanda, and Aylin this past summer.  You won't be disappointed and you'll probably learn quite a bit.  

If you check these out you will be happier than a bulldog on a trampoline.  
I promise.

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