Yeah Science! 90 Days of McDonalds.

An Iowa science teacher, John Cisna, just tried a 90 day experiment with his class.  He ate McDonald's for 90 straight days.  That's right.  Ninety continuous days. 90.  I wonder if he had a McRib--but I digress.

The cool part of this whole thing is that he had his students develop his daily menu, count calories, and made sure he had it his way.

Watch the news report below for the rest of the story.  This is definitely a taste good feel-good story.

A couple of takeaways from this video too:

*The teacher has an Inspiration wall that the students have written all over.  
That was the first thing I noticed.  Very nice.

*Apparently workers at McDonalds have never seen a video camera before.  
They love it.  I'm lovin' it.

*John Cisna comes off as an extremely intelligent teacher that really likes his kids and knows how to engage them.  Again, this is based off of a 3-minute newscast--but consider me impressed.  Making smart decisions is the most important part when you (we) make personal decisions.

*I can finally add something Breaking Bad related to this website!

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