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For as much as I hate cords--I need them.  I can't quit them.  Me and cords are connected (see what I did there?).  So far, my school hasn't become that flashy cordless community of wireless signals.  We're not the Matrix.  We still have some technology that's over 20 years old which means that we never know exactly what pieces of technology we'll need.  I also can't wait for tech help--I've got to be able to problem solve immediately, rather than put in a work order to get something hooked up.

So, with equipment like that what's a guy to do?  I collect cords.  I'm kind of like an antique cord dealer, only without the weird fascinations with precious moment figurines.

I have my trusty cord bag (actually it's a Sports Illustrated gym bag I got for renewing my subscription) that rests comfortably under my desk that is filled with just cords.  VGA, audio, A/V composite, HDMI, coaxial, 3.5MM headphone, USB, Serial, and DVI.  And on those special occasions that this bag appears it saves the day about 95% of the time. 

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: Open up the bag.

So what exactly is this Bright Idea?  Save your cords.  Find a bag, a box, or empty drawer and throw them there.  You never know when they will be a life-saver.  

Example of Needs:

  1. Audio/Video set-up for assemblies, movies, presentations.
  2. VGA cords for splitting computer screens.
  3. Extra HDMI cords because kids have broken the previous one.
  4. You can't wait a week for the tech department to bring you a cord.
  5. Be the hero your school needs.

Normally, when technology gets thrown away or refurbished the teachers in my building will throw all the parts in a bin under our mailboxes.  When I walk by everyday I take a little peak to see if anything new has arrived.  I'm the cord repo man.  

If you've read some of my posts before you're probably thinking, "this is in direct contrast of everything that Matt ever writes about."  You would be right in this assumption--but these are purely precautionary measures.  Be proactive, not reactive.  There's nothing worse than trying to set something up and not being prepared because at that moment all the anger you harbor will just roll downhill.

Save the Dolphins.  
Save the Manatees.  
Save the Pandas.  
Save the Condors.  
Save Your Cords.

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