Tried It Tuesday: ThingLink

04 February 2014
Last week Jen at Tech With Jen wrote a post on how to use the SAMR model in the classroom (great post btw) but she included an interactive image that had me in a tizzy.  Yes, I said "tizzy" because that's better than saying "it left me all aflutter".

That image was actually used through THINGLINK.COM that allows users to take images make them interactive through adding text, video, music, and more photos all as links on the image. What I love the most--it allows images to be the basis for a story through all forms of media on the web.  One image tells a story depending on the types of links/resources a users chooses.  Plus it is very easy to use (simply copy and paste links).  Does that make sense?  No?--okay check below.

To give you an idea I created this one (below) in about 20 minutes.  First, uploaded a photo of a zoo that one of my students was creating (using my Zoo Design).  Next, I jumped on the Al Gore-created Internet and begin looking for images that could fit alongside the animals and locations on the map.  

I found an image of Central Park and a gift shop inside a Rainforest Cafe, then I grabbed a couple of fun videos on gorillas and lions.  Lastly, I moved the markers (these are the icons that are place "above" the image) to the appropriate spots and...then I realized I could add in gifs. (there are two cat gifs at the end of this post for reference)

And now I've shared it with you.  Check it out...(and be amazed?)

I'm a big fan of visual literacy plus bringing a greater understanding and exploration within images.  This is a wonderful resource that adds depth and texture to pictures because every little nook and cranny can tell a story.  

The ability to tag and connect sites, links, videos, and the ease-of-use is a definite plus.  Not to mention--this is free.  You will have to sign up, but you can use FB, Twitter, or email account.  If you were planning on using this as a class I would probably recommend the email account because students could then load their projects all on the same account.  There's also iOS apps for these and they all connect with each other (which is also free).

I'll reiterate that this is fairly new for me so if anyone has any other great tips I'd love to hear them.  Honestly, I've got a ton of ideas for how students could incorporate these into projects and in the classroom--but I've got to be patient.

That's it for Tried It Tuesday.  I suggest that you jump over 
to the rest of links at The Fourth Grade Flipper's site to 
see what other groovy things bloggers have been doing.  
Thanks Holly!

I'll leave you with cats.


  1. Oh my gosh Matt! That is so awesome! (I especially like it was only 20 minutes!) You're right, there's so many ways you could use this-you got me thinking! I can't wait to play around with this site!
    Head Over Heels For Teaching

  2. I really like ThingLink, but I haven't used it with my class. How did it go with your students?

    Simply 2nd Resources

  3. I am really digging Thinglink. I first read about it from Christy at Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road. She had one on insects in candy and my kids LOVED it!!! I signed up for Thinglink, but haven't gotten very far with it. It's another thing on my list to check out more! Love how you incorporated this into your Zoo Design.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learin'

  4. I have heard of Thinglink, but I haven't played with it yet. So many websites to try!

    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

  5. Wow! I thoroughly enjoyed this post Matt. It has given me so many ideas for my science classroom.

  6. This is very intriguing. Must remember to make use of it!

  7. This is SO cool!! I can't believe I missed this post (there's really no excuse!). I clicked on some of the links and am amazed! Joanne (Head Over Heels) and I met each other in sunny FL on Sunday and your ears must have been ringing because we were talking about you! :)

    I was just writing my Tried It post for today and came back to search to see if you blogged about the Disney app. I know you told me about it but couldn't remember if it was just in an email. We LOVE the Disney app!! It has been a lifesaver! We headed to Magic Kingdom on Saturday, did Animal Kingdom yesterday, and are headed back to Magic Kingdom tomorrow! :) It's going to be rough returning to NY on Friday. :(
    Fourth Grade Flipper

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