Live Video Feeds of Animals Around the World! Spark Students!

15 March 2014

As spring begins to roll in it is time to take notice and utilize some of the great Live Video Feeds of Animals around the world.  Take advantage of the great outdoors (no, not the John Candy movie) by bringing animals into your classroom without the threat of them attacking you in the wilderness.  Except for spiders--they're are everywhere and they are watching us.

There are multiple live video-fed websites to choose from around the ol' internets, but today I'm mainly focusing on which has over 30+ video feeds to pick from.  Earlier today I watched pups from a Great Dane Rescue facility chase each other in the snow.  There's also the grizzly bears in Alaska that catch salmon all day or the eagles--we can't forget about the eagles (Amurca!).  And owls, bees, pandas, penguins, yada, yada, yada.


These are great for incorporating real-world learning in the classroom (and really quickly too).  Think of this as your own Magic School Bus adventure.  Take you kids out of the textbooks and into the world.  There's a feature that allows users to capture snapshots of the video at just the right times.  People can then share those and comment (if you feel so inclined).

Below is a live feed of bees that I've embedded.  If you can't tell is a pretty user friendly site (which is always appreciated in educational circles).

Live streaming video by Ustream

So jump over and check out all the options and videos you can use in your classroom.  I've used a few in my class for student motivation, interest, and to take kids outside of their (sometimes typical) suburban lifestyle.  

Just watch out for those BIG BEARS!

Today's post was brought to you by the always wonder Joanne at Head Over Heals For Teaching to SPARK Student Motivation in the classroom.  She's always has tremendous ideas and so many other bloggers join in too.  Go see what's up!

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