Scrumblr: Digital Whiteboards & Index Cards For Group Collaboration

Index cards and Whiteboards.  The educational equivalents of PB&J minus jelly because jelly is disgusting and possibly minus the peanut butter if you have a nut allergy.  Oh man--I've got so off track.  This is what happens when you take a couple of weeks off.  Let's start over...

Just over a week ago I attended a meeting where we used the website, an online collaboration tool that combines multiple users, a virtual white board, and index cards to creating an interactive board of ideas that can instantly added to, deleted, or organized with the click of your computer.  Index card and whiteboards, two staples of education around the world, working together to build ideas and create a faster form of collaboration.

In the meeting there were actually fifteen different users adding ideas to the board.  Each user can then move ANY card they want, where ever they want.  It takes a little to get used to, and user can steal each other's cards as they pop up, but it's an effective way to share and communicate ideas without having a single member stand in front of a whiteboard and write down ideas.

What's even better?  It's completely free and you can create your own unique site ID in seconds.  Here is the url I created for the one below (look how easily students or teachers could type it in).

This is the extremely intellectual board I created called "80's Movies Rock".
I made it in about two minutes, so I'm sure I forgot some really great films.

edit:  If you want to change the board title you will double-click in the area where the words are.

So here's what you need to do:
1.  Go to (not tumblr)
2. Name your board and make a simple url
3. Create a board (and see how easy it is to use)
4. Use it in your class with your students.  Try having them write their favorite movie, book, TV show, or subject.  

So easy a baby can do it! you can too.

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