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17 May 2014

The year is winding down, the students are winding up, and you’re needing ideas to keep the kids engaged.  Well, let me welcome you to the Bright Ideas Link-Up.  This is a chance for a ton of bloggers to share tips and tricks for the classroom (and I’ve got a feeling there will be a ton of great end-of-the-year ideas).

I’m sharing an idea I have called Math Food.  As you can see from the images it involves food (cereal mostly) that can come in multiple shapes, colors, and large quantities.  Foods like Fruit Loops, Chex Mix, and so many other foods are wonderful for the kids to use during math class.  This is a very hands on activity that can be used multiple ways to review just about every skill that you’ve worked on through the year.  In fact, this idea is so open ended you can do it however you want.

The simple idea of giving students edible math manipulatives is enough to make a class stand at attention.  I've used this with first, second, and fourth graders and I love that tasks can be differentiated to fit multiple levels.  You also don't need to use worksheets for this (although I'm sure you can find them somewhere).  I use my whiteboard table but you can also use dry erase boards and markers for quick and easy action.

Primary kids can work on sorting, skip counting, grouping, making simple graphs, adding and subtracting, comparing groups numbers with friends, plus so much more.

Intermediate students can create word problems, create larger graphs with classmates (or whole class), and analyze using mean, median, and mode.  

And honestly, you can mix and match ideas or even have students figure out how to turn this food into math.  If you want to add even more just let them explain/share their ideas using mobile devices by recording them or using document cameras that can present to the entire class.


So go ahead and feed your students' brains with a little Food Math by reviewing concepts and lessons from the year and feed your's students' brains.  Make then think critically about food in math (that just sounds funny to write, but pretty true).  Just think of all the ways you and the students can create math from Fruit Loops (and then eat them when the lesson is over!!!).

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Now for some more ideas! Take some time to jump through all these Bright Ideas and follow the link-up below.  There's over 130 bloggers sharing tips, tricks, and treats at all grade levels.  So. Many. To. Choose. From.



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