15 Reasons Teachers Loathe Technology

30 June 2014

I did it.  I've carefully crafted and refined a definitive list on why teachers don't use technology.  Don't worry, all of these are completely research based--so you know this is trustworthy.  It was a painstaking process but it is complete.  Just remember-knowing is half the battle.

15.  The social skills of kids are maddening.

14.  You never beat Oregon Trail.

13.  Who's going to blame these guys now?

12.  Cords. They suck sometimes.

11.  This guy.

10.  We never figured out how to program a VCR, 
so why start now?

9.  The machines will become smarter than us. 

8.  Contracting one of those viruses.

7.  People blogging about top ten lists.

6.  The computer has never really given you any cookies.

5. You dislike cats.

4.  You hate what other people are eating.

3.  That prince in Africa never emailed you back.

2. Tech Support
Don't worry--they don't like you either.

1.  The friend/coworker conundrum.

If you've got more I can have my assistants add them.



  1. This list cracked me up! I forgot all about that little paperclip guy, he used to tick me off smiling while I typed. Ha!

    Short and Sassy Teacher

  2. THIS.MADE.ME.LAUGH.SO.HARD.O.M.G. Yes, I used all caps because I'm hardcore like that. This might be my most favorite post you have ever written.
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. I totally beat Oregon Trail. I guess that's why I'm so into technology...
    The Meek Moose

  4. Awesome! I love it. Oregon Trail! haha! I want to make a poster of number 15 to put up in the faculty room.
    Melissa Kaylor :)

    Fourth Grade Lab


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