Summer Reading Fun, A Symbaloo Board


As my blogging dominance continues to take over the world (try and say that without laughing) I'll be teaming up with A Class*y Collaboration to share and learn tips, tricks, and teaching' ideas.  For my first post I gave them some super cool facts that most people don't know about me.  I only gave them three, but I added more for you guys.
  1. Once (when I was younger) during a Christmas break my parents accidentally forgot about me and flew to France without me.  I was home and all alone for almost an entire week.
  2. I worked with a doctor that created the flux capacitor.
  3. I created the pattern simply known as plaid.
  4. I wrote "Stairway to Heaven"
  5. I would have been the sixth Backstreet Boy but Nick Carter and I got in a fight and they kicked me out.
  6. Matthew McConaughey has asked to play the role of me in a movie.
Okay, so maybe none of those are really true but it would be kind of nice if the plaid thing was.  I digress though, so instead I'm leaving you with a great Summer Reading Symbaloo Board with links to a ton of great books and the interactive features on the web.  

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