Bright Ideas: The Power of the Paper Plate

19 July 2014
Welcome to another Bright Ideas Link-Up where bloggers from around the world sharing tips, tricks, and ideas that work for them (and could work for you).  Here in the Chicagoland area we're enjoying a pleasant summer filled with almost perfect temperatures.  This means a lot of cooking out.  That means a lot of paper plates.  And that got me thinking about...

These flimsy cardboard plates may not hold a hot dog or hamburger without breaking, but they're a perfect school (or summer) supplement to almost any lesson.  The groundbreaking secret is that almost anything can be created with paper plates.

My idea is this:  If you're looking to have students create small projects based on lessons you're teaching give them a stack of paper plates and just tell them to create.  No rules, no boundaries--just the to craft an idea based on the lessons they learned.

There are 20 step tutorials on paper plates creations and some of them are just incredible--but let's give some of the imagination back to the kids.  

Last week my daughters and I spent a couple of hours just making stuff.  They came up with so many ideas during that time; frisbee, scuba gear, shield, cat, snake, owl, monsters, and even an ear of corn.  I would say a topic and my oldest would tell me something she could make.

I'm not even suggesting using paints or glitter.  Just make it quick and easy and tell the kids:  scissors, glue, tape, and crayons.  That way the clean-up will consist of simple scraps.

Here's some of my kids hard work.

Kids have such a bigger and better imagination than most of us anyway.  So let them create.  Mine keep asking when they can create that "paper plate magic" again.  

I even got into the swing of things and created a Flava-Flav styled clock and then recreated the alien facehuggers from Alien (some of you might be too young or scared for that movie). Look at my imaginations!

If you're interested in seeing some examples, tutorials, and Pinterest boards for more paper plates tutorials check these out:
Try this idea in school or as a summer craftivity.  Break the norm.  That's it--now I'm off to put some potato salad on a floppy paper plate and wait for it to collapse in my lap.

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As the summer rolls along sit back, relax, and visit all the other great ideas (probably a lot better than mine) and come up with some ideas to drive the kids crazy when school starts.

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