Shark Week Blog Hop! C'mon In, The Water is Fine (Grab a Freebie)

Kids learn more when they’re excited and engaged.  They'll chomp at the bait bit when the information is cool and culturally relevant too. Today a team of bloggers come together to help your students take a BITE out of learning with a theme your students are sure to love! This is Shark Week with a teaching twist. We also tried to secure a steel cage to visit some Great White Sharks but insurance wouldn't cover us.  

Welcome to the Shark Week Blog Hop.  
You're gonna need a bigger boat to carry home all these freebies.


I love to get my students to answer questions about what they see.  Is it real? Is it fake?  Can I prove my answer and/or support it?  But I do this by showing them images of material they like.  I've used movies such as Pacific Rim and Jurassic Park or professional athletes like Lebron James to HOOK my kids.  I'll make them tell me exactly what they see and why.  It's a fun game because they have to DIVE DEEP to fully answer questions and prove their understanding.

An example are images I've used before using shark themes:

What is it?
Is this real or fake?
How do you know?
Does everything makes sense?
What prior knowledge do you have?

parasail shark escape photo kitesurf_shark_1280.jpg

Slide 10.png

As for my bucket of chum for you fisher(wo)men, I've put together some read aloud QR Codes on sharks!  I love to use these QR codes as part of a listening center and/or jump off point for kids to read (or have read) a book to them.  It's a great way to infuse technology into the class too.  Kids love them and it builds independence and responsibility too.  Enjoy this freebie!

Don't worry, this Blog Hop water is safe to swim in.  Wade through all the other blogs to see their tips and pick up freebies without the fear of being bitten.  Shark Week may come and go, but my fear of swimming in the seas will last forever.  Even if I know there is no chance of ever being bitten.  

Special thanks goes out to Jenny at Luckeyfrog's Lilypad for coming up with this fintastic idea!  Not many things beat Shark Week except for surviving an attack--and now I can include this blog hop.

And this is my daughter drawing a picture of me getting attacked by one--

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