Legend App: Animate Your Text

Legend is a cool little app that just popped onto the market.  It will immediately turn your text into an animated video/gif/Instagram post.  It debuted a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to catch it during a free period (now it is $1.99) but I would recommend it for anyone who wants a simple and effective way to share animated text.  If you like little pretty moving text images--this is for you (and me).

This one above is in gif form and works a little better for importing them within a blog post like this, much faster--but the quality s a little smaller.  Below you'll find a video that's I've uploaded to Instagram.  Again, I apologize for using comic sans.  It works well too, but you've got to fool around the embedding (I'd love to make it a little smaller).

The current offering they have are a bit limited, but you do have the ability to mix and match color, patterns, and movements.  I'm guessing since this is still so new there will be more and more updates-but I got it for free so I really can't complain.  This app is basically build for Instagram.  There's a choice to move you videos straight there (which is a nice feature).  Check it out in the App Store here.

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