Earth Week Activities, Ideas, and Inventions

19 April 2015

Earth Week is upon us.  It's the one week per year we think about protecting our planet!  Here are some ideas to get you through the week.

1.  Take your students on a Nature Walk.  Seriously!  This is simple and easy but it can give students time to focus on their surroundings and explore.  Just be careful for ticks.  Take it a little further and have kids bring paper, pencils, and clipboards to record animals, bugs, and plants.  There are numerous ways that information can be explored back in the classroom.  This is on my list for the week.

2. Create bird feeders with pine cones and peanut butter (of substitute with something else sticky in case of allergies).

3.  Build a diorama with things students have found out in nature.

4. Watch the Lorax.

5. Soda bottle bird feeder (and many more).

6. Coffee Filter Earth.  Draw, color, and spray.

7. Read The Giving Tree to your class.  Try not to cry.

8.  Pick a video from Discovery Education's YouTube page.  There are tons to pick from and filled with so much information.

9.  Bill Nye the Science Guy:  Garbage Episode.

10.  Visit the Earth Day website for a weeks worth of lesson plans on climate change.

11.  Even if you don't do anything specific remember to talk with your students about the importance of Earth Week.  It kind of matters.

If you're looking for a little Project Based Learning that's not listed above you can grab my Earth Day Invention PBL.  Students brainstorm ideas and create an invention that will help make the world a better place.  My daughter just finished hers and she created a machine that takes oil water and turns it into juice.  She calls it The JuiceMaker!   I'll let her have the first glass.



  1. Thanks for putting all these great resources together in one spot. I must be a bad blogging friend because I did not know you had changed your blog design - love it! Super love it (not as much as I love Bill Nye though - maybe if you had a catchy theme song!)

  2. Great set of resources!!! And don't listen to Elementary AMC, I love your new blog design.. way better than Bill... he is awesome and all but I can't get that song out of my head!!

  3. Well all the point that you have mention is quite good and fair choice. Definitely I follow these steps on Earth week. I like this bird feeder idea very good. Thank you so much for sharing this tips with us. Happy Earth week to all.
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