Snakes, PBL Activities, and Symbaloo

Welcome to  a combination of two of my favorite things:  Project Based Learning and Symbaloo.  Check it out...

Combining PBL and technology can be a glorious thing.  
You just gotta make it work for your kids.

Research stinks for young kids on the internet.  It's vast, ridiculously complicated, and really easy to end up just watching cat videos.  That's why I'm such a fan of Symbaloo.  I can drag and drop links all onto a single board for the students to use and make research simple (but effective).

This is exactly what I've done with our next research project for some of my boys:  SNAKES!  Yessssss, everyone'ssssss favorite reptile now has their own Symbaloo board with links to articles, listicles, uber-kid sites, and videos from You Tube and National Geographic.  I've almost filled up the board with a very wide variety of topics about snakes from habitats, invasive species, and information on their toxicity of venom.
Check it out below.  If you're new to Symbaloo, make sure you take a couple of minutes and see how it works.  It might just change the way you teach researching and/or computer work.  I love it.

One of my favorite features is that each link opens in a new window.  When a kids finished they just close out the window and they're back to the main page.  It seems to speed up the process just a bit.

Direct Link:  SNAKES Symbaloo

Snake Search: Around the World is a Project Based Learning activity I'm using to tie in this Symbaloo board.  You can check it out HEREIt's a combination of specified research and individual learning/choosing.  There are over 20 activity pages for students to search around the world for all things snake-like.   

Project based learning puts the choices and independent work into the hands of the students.  
I recommend lots of collaborative-type work with (at the beginning), but over time students become acclimated and the results are incredible. 

You can find and see more Project Based Learning Activities here or click on the image below.


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