Teacher Tips: 25 Reasons Teaching is Awesome

Teaching is pretty awesome.  Take the students, teachers, academics and throw 'em in a blender. Then toss in a couple ounces of politics, some little state mandates, and class management ideas.  Add a dash of pop culture and a touch of peer pressure.  Mix it all up.  That's teaching.  But still, it's pretty awesome. 

Here's 25 reasons why. Feel free to add you own.

We celebrate the smallest successes 
(because they're really the biggest).

Jeans Day(s), or week(s)

We understand youth culture.

Our students says the cutest things.

School supplies never end.

Toys, everywhere.

You straight-up, crushed that lesson.

Costumes for every occasion are required.

Perusing Pinterest counts as professional development.

We've been given genetically designed indestructible bladders.

There's food in the lounge?  There's food in the lounge!

You're never surprised by what happens in the lounge.

You can always find Ugly Sweaters for holiday parties.

The kids teach us.

Dance Parties happen whenever we want.

Students teach us new dance moves.


We get to do a little Back-to-School clothes shopping, too.

We can become immune to the common cold.


Pizza Day in the Cafeteria

The kids always come back to visit.

We're always learning.

Seeing the Light Bulb Moments.

The kids.


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