The Best Teacher Tips Ever: Meetings

Back again, by unpopular demand.

We all have to attend meetings.  Some good, some bad, and some could've been an email.  You'll have a menagerie of staff meetings from problem-solving missions to committees and they can take a toll on you.  
In fact, you might even have a meeting about upcoming meetings. There's nothing like a pre-meet. But we're teachers and they're a fact of life. Meetings are in our DNA. We need them. It's a love-hate relationship, but they're necessary when you have 200-1,000 students running around.

Here's a some simple tips to navigate those meetings.

Bring in treats (small meeting)
A home baked treat will set the world on fire with happiness.
You cannot get mad at homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Sit in the Back and People-Watch (staff meeting)
The back row gives great insights into the inner workings of a staff and how it functions.  I'm a people watcher, I love watching faculty dynamics.

Sit in the front row
You have nothing that can distract you.  It's perfect.

Take Fancy Notes (all meetings)
Make your notetaking come alive with fancy drawings, boxes, circles, and arrows. You know, fancy things.

Doodle (all meetings)
Don't take any notes. Just doodle and listen. 
Aren't most agendas printed out anyway?  You got the info.

Find the Most Comfortable Chair

Sit on a Stability Ball
It's like free exercise.

Sit By Your Friends (staff meeting)
You'll need them to help you through this next state mandate.

DON'T Sit By Your Friends (staff meeting)
This, my friends, is a double-edged sword.  

Set An Objective & Schedule (all meetings)

Learn to Multi-task (all meetings)
Not every single part and parcel of a meeting requires your brain.  We've all seen that teacher who grades papers the whole time. Don't work harder--work smarter.

Does Your Question Really Needs to be Asked? (staff meeting)

Is Your Question Being Used To Start Fights? (staff meeting)

Be a Grown Up... 
Ugh...that's no fun.

...and deal with it.

You are dismissed.


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