How To Be a FRIEND

More and more I've found myself working with students on social/emotional strategies across all settings.  One of the most important skills is learning how to be a good friend...and this can be a little tough sometimes. Being a good friend is such a crucial life skill that will carry them all of school and into the real-world.

But it's not always easy, which is why I wanted to create visuals for my students. It can be hard to remember how to act, how to respond to peer pressure, and always making the smartest decision.  When we do see kids using those strategies and being successful in their own friendships, it is pretty great.  

I've put together a set of classroom posters on HOW to be a FRIEND.  You can grab yourself a copy at my TPT store, and hopefully it can make a positive impact on you students (or school). The poster set is entirely FREE.

 The free poster set is here:  HOW TO BE A FRIEND

I've also completed a fuller version that is accompanied with worksheets, an interactive  journal/booklet, bookmarks, and class cards.  There includes two versions (primary and intermediate) of each printable version.  Personally, I use each letter as a min-lesson for students.  We give examples, model behaviors, and talk about times when it really matter to be a friend.

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If you're looking for more posters like this, I'd suggest checking out some of my other sets I have in my Social/Emotional section of my TPT Store. Many of these are free as well. Grab the RESPECT set and RELAX set.


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