Build A Bat Cave

Turn your classroom into a bat cave with this simple little activity.

1. Have your students draw bats hanging upside down.
Some bat are huge (flying fox) and some are tiny--so let them pick.

2. Or Google: Hanging Bat Printables, or Bat Printables, or Bat Printable Page, or Realistic Bat Coloring Pages. Print out an acceptable bat.

(Maybe even have groups choose a specific types)

3. Or purchase a clip art set.  I got mine from Educlips (and I love them).

4. Cut them out...neatly.

5. Hang them upside down from your classroom ceiling, door entrance, or specific area in the room. A tiny bit of tape will do a little work while gravity does the rest.

6. Add some spider webs.  I purchased cave-brown from Target.  
This was a great three dollars spent.

7. Watch out for guano.

It seems simple...and it is. Add some webs, turn down the lights, and turn your classroom into a cave.

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