Geometrocity, The City of Made of Math

Geometry + Metrocity = Geometrocity, the city made of math.

My favorite memories as a kid in school always involved building things, even a final exam in college required a team of us to build a bridge.  Projects, creating, and imagining are kind of important factors for kids in school.  Just kind of important, because we have to give those really important state tests.

Lately on Instagram, I've had a few teachers share the incredible cities their students have been building.  The time, size, and enthusiasm has been amazing to read and see especially when you consider all the work the kids have put in.

If you feel inclined--go read about Geometrocity in my original post HERE.  If not, just take a look (again) at those incredible cities being built.  Honestly, I'm a bit jealous with some of the architecture and engineering that took place.  Well done.

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