Snow Puffs. So Easy A Kid Created The Entire Craft

So my two girls and I are on break for the next week.  It's cold in the Chicago area, so we end up staying home and doing a lot of playing.  There ends up being a lot of messes and imagination happening with my girls which is to be expected.

Apparently they've been on Pinterest when I'm not around.  At their creativity table (the dining room table) I find they've created a little something called Snow Puffs.

All you need is a little cardboard paper, markers, cotton balls, and a little bit of glue.  The rest is up to you (or your kids).

My oldest made the tree in a snow storm while the youngest went for a simpler version of snow covering an evergreen.  They're now discussing making more and turning them into Christmas cards for the rest of the family.

Stay Warm.  

Turn Into A Turkey: A Thanks and Giving Poster Set! It's FREE!

November means Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving means turkey.  Normally, turkeys are stuffed and eaten.  I'm trying to change all of this.  

No, I'm not going to pardon a turkey.  I just want my students to start acting like one.  What?  I created a little turkey acronym for giving thanks and giving back to recognize those who have helped them (students/kids) and think of ways they can help each other.

This is the poster set from Turn Into A Turkey.
Sometimes we all get caught up in our lives, jobs, family, school.  It happens.  It's life.  But it is still important to stop and think about what we can do to give back and give thanks.  Sure it's cliched, but it's true.

I had the opportunity to show second graders this acronym, present each letter, and then watch their little minds work when they designed their own letter.  Seeing them realize what others have done, recognizing their own skills (or deficits), and self-reflecting is pretty cool.  Watching this happen is one of the unmeasurable joys of teaching.

Outside my door we're trying to fill up the wall with our giving thanks and giving back ideas.  Check it out...

An excellent book to read with you students is How Full is Your Bucket.  It sets a great example on how our actions and words make a difference.  The ideas portrayed fit the model of giving thanks and giving back. 

Now for the FREE part!  
You can download the POSTER SET at my TPT Store.  

I've also created a full version with worksheets and journal for kids to create that ties it all together. 

Now go out there and be turkeys this season.


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