One Hundred Ways to Multiply (Interactive Classroom Poster)

What do the numbers represent? That's what we're trying to teach students to understand. 

I was thrilled to see the third grade team at my school build class posters featuring a multiplication chart from 1-100 AND how to solve each problem! These things are huge, super-visual, and highly effective in showcasing the many different ways multiplication problems can be solved. 

Each class created a hundred multiplication chart/poster with the answers to every problem using five different methods to solve the problems.  The students could choose the method they felt was most appropriate and/or the most comfortable with.

Methods included:
-Fact Families
-Equal Groups
-Repeated Addition
-Skip Counting

Each kid does it solves the problems differently, but they still get the correct answer.  This is total madness!

This activity does a nice job of allowing students to utilize strategies and apply them, while showing how numbers fit together.  In speaking with one of the teachers, she was also able to differentiate this lesson between some of her students who were low or high pertaining to which math facts students completed. We all know 6, 7,and 8's can be tricky.

This chart is the perfect representation of how students learn and apply skills in school today. 

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