STEM and STEAM Activities That Combat Boredom

Over at the Elementary (Primary) Chalkboard, I recently posted about how I've created and utilize simple STEM and STEAM activities around the house and in school. READ IT HERE.  

I don't know about you, but as a father of two kids, no matter what is happening, I always hear the same thing.  "I'm Bored." 

Even if I took them to the beach, got ice cream, and magically laid an egg that hatched and out flew a dragon--my kids would still tell me they're bored.  I'm trying to break that habit.  I'm also hoping I'm not a reason for that habit, but I digress.

My solution was a little challenge called STEAM BREAK.  Yup, it's a play on words for Spring Break...I'm that good.

I wanted to reintroduce imagination, creativity, play, and problem solving without having to break the bank.  All activities can be conducted with materials already in the house or school (check the recycle bin).  

Below are a couple of activities from my kids, such as the arcade game from a shoe box and drawing a picture using geometric shapes.  That results will vary (my kids are in 1st and 3rd grade), but the imagination doesn't...and that's the best part. 

Simple STE(A)M Activities ideas include: 
-Build a River
-Create a log cabin from sticks
-Build a working crane
-Build a bridge
-Draw a picture using only geometric shapes
-Find a famous painting, recreate it in miniature form
-Design a Catapult

Anything that can get kids up, get them thinking, and have them building is a good thing. So don't waste these boring opportunities to get kids doing something a little different.

I suggest you jump over and read the whole thing HEREGrab yourself the full copy of STEAM Break (completely free). CLICK HERE or on the image.

Get excited kids.


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