Easy-To-Use Movie Making Apps

My kids have four movie making apps that they love. These movie makers are simple to work, offer lots of options, and allow for unlimited possibilities--which is what I need with two girls running all around the house.

Point, swap a face, and record. It's hysterical with some of the mash-ups my kids create.  They like to video themselves as they're speaking on other people's faces.  The end results are pretty great.  

Stop-motion animation has never been this easy. Their favorite part as they make their films, is that the previous frames stay on the screen like a shadow, making movements easier to choreograph.  I really like seeing how my kids will create their movies with this app.  It takes planning and patience, which are important skills to possess.

Adding explosions was never this easy.  Instead of having my kids set off fireworks in the driveway, they just overlay it on the screen.  This app is free, but we've purchased many of the extra effects because  they're so great.  Some of the latest updates include Star Wars, so it's all good.

For me, iMovie is the stand alone leader when it comes to simple and effective movie-making on a device.  Make movie trailers of full length films--it doesn't matter.  You can import all the movies you've made using Stikbot, FSL, Action Movie, or anything else.  Export movies in HD, upload on YouTube, or do whatever...this is the original.

These movie apps do a really great job of moving between home and school.  They can work as tools for projects in school or for fun at home. The amount of ways they can be used and applied is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

What do you use? What did I miss?  I'm always on the lookout for more.

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