Photo Apps for the Classroom

We live in a great big world of pictures. And those pictures need to be edited. Below are five of my favorite apps to use in the classroom (or at home) for editing photos.  Check them out below because there's something for everyone.

Color Story is all about playing with lighting to see what kind of final picture you can make. There's lots of choices, each adjustable, to see what works the best. The only downside is that many add-ons cost extra, but don't let that bother you because there's still plenty of options included.

Dynamic Light is a fun little app that allows users to play with all kinds of lighting features, allows you to change shadowing, and blow out the photo with color.  This app is simple and quick to learn and use. 

Phonto is an unassuming app that can layer text and graphics on top of your photos with ease and quickness. There's not a lot of bells and whistles, it's not an overly slick design--but the app works well.

ColorStrokes does one thing (and it does it well); easily letting you add or subtract colors from your photos. This app works well and is easy to understand, while letting you create focal points in your pictures. It's simple, effective, and fun.

Here's a photo my daughter took of our cat, Rocket.  She went in and edited herself, adding the colors back and putting some textures over the top.   

Over let's users add a variety of overlays like text and graphics. This app works well and is easy to navigate. They've done some great upgrades too, allowing users to grab a collection of free photos to make inspirational quotes.

Cat Paint might be last on my list, but it's the pick of the litter. This app claws into my heart with the simple ability to add cats to photos. You won't have to sneak over to the crazy cat lady's house anymore. Not only can you add cats, you can apply lasers to their eyes with explosions. Just look at this incredible creation!

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