Remind Students to Be Something! Positive Posters for the Class

Creative. Self-Confident.  Optimistic.  Courageous.  These are all traits we wish for our students (and even ourselves).  Class posters seem to be the theme for me this year which is why I've just created set of Be Something!  Positive Posters for Student Growth & Awareness.  

We ask students to display and show positive character traits in and out of school settings, but do we specifically tell them what those are?  There are thousands of traits beside "being good".  It's time students start to focus on what those are and why they're so important.

Is positive thinking a cliche?  Possibily--but I don't care.  That's because school (and life) is a little more interesting when the glass is half-full.

You can grab the FREE version with five posters HERE (or click on the image)

The full set has two versions; one full color and the 
other without the background (ink friendly).

Thanks for stopping by and checking this out.  If you've got a trait or something you think a student should BE let me know...maybe I'll add it in.

for more positivity...

Morning Work Without the Paperwork

On Friday morning my "official" Bright Idea post completely changed because I walked into a third grade room and saw the coolest way to complete morning work.  One by one the students were putting away their things and then walking to the front of the class and answering questions on the whiteboard.  It was so calm and cool.

Students answered the questions, which were based on learning targets from previous lessons, then circled and initialed their answers.  I just thought this was such a great way for them to demonstrate knowledge of concepts and also use as a form of assessment.

I spoke with the team for a couple of minutes (and they even offered me a little pizza) and they said it was going great having the students do it this way.  Plus it was a great way to cut down on the craziness of paperwork in the morning.

I mean, look at all the way students came up with how to represent 15.  And it wasn't just the board work..some of the interactions between students looking at each others work was very interesting to see.  And it let's us peek into how each student learns (and/or solves problems).

Thanks so much for stopping by to check out this Bright Idea.  There are over 100 other wonderful ideas that you should continue to check out, so make sure you see all the links below.  

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